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Tips to Get a Job and Move to Italy Easily

Italy is one of the most remarkable destinations to relocate to. With its rich culture, waterways, food and wine and lots of tourist attractions, you can’t choose a more perfect place to move to and start a career.

To get employment in Italy as a foreigner depends wholly on your field of work and also the location you plan to reside in. There are good employee benefits in the country which includes free healthcare, temperate weather, work leave and a good salary structure.

Preparing to Move to Italy

Below, you will see some of the things you need to know and put in place in order to facilitate your relocation to Italy.

Getting a Visa

Before you can obtain an Italian visa, if you are not an EU citizen, you will have to secure a job first before the country can issue you a visa. If you plan to get a job in Italy but you are not skilled or have an academic qualification, you might find it difficult to find employment.

The easiest way to secure employment for this category of people will be in the hospitality and tourism sector and you will be more advantaged if you speak English fluently.

Arriving Italy

The category of visa you need to apply for depends on your purpose of visiting Italy. In this case, you will need a work and visa related to your purpose in the country. Ensure you carry out adequate research before applying for a visa. You can work with a travel agency to simplify your traveling experience.


The best thing about relocating to Italy is that rent is quite affordable compared to other European countries. You will need to do a thorough house-hunting after getting other requirements checked out.

Language Barrier

Consider signing up for some language course before relocating to Italy, because you will face some communication issues. It is important you learn the basic words and sentences to keep your communication with the citizens of the country.

Also, if you have relatives already staying in this country, contacting them for some tips and things you might need to prepare for in terms of the new set of people you will get to meet will be a plus for you. How they get through it will be a motivation for you too.

Steps to Relocate to Italy and Secure a Job

Since you have made up your mind about moving to Italy to start a new life, securing a job and also enjoying the beauty of the country. Below are the steps you need to take to make this dream a reality.

Apply for Jobs

Your first step in relocating to Italy will be to apply for a job. This is because it is mandated that most parts of your visa application will be completed by your employer. If you are not an EU resident or citizen, you will be required to apply for a work visa or a long-stay visa.

Ensure you tailor your cover letter, resume and other supporting work documents to meet the required standards in the country. You can find jobs by going through popular job boards, LinkedIn etc. Also do a thorough research on the company you are applying for and the position you wish to apply for as there might be additional requirements for non-citizens.

Visa Application

Unlike most countries, Italy requires your employer to fill a certain part of your visa application form. This is the main reason you need to first of all find a job before applying for a visa. It is advisable that you apply for a long-stay visa or work visa and most importantly apply within eight days of your stay in Italy for a resident permit visa.

Worthy of note is the fact that the government of Italy has a set number of visas they issue and industries to be issued for.

Make Adequate Preparation

You will need to be prepared both in your mind and your body. Since this is a foreign country, you will be met with difficulties in your first few days of stay; from language problems, food problems, navigating the city, knowing places and lots more. Try as much as possible to read more about the country to avoid having issues with the citizens and the country in general.

Jobs Available for Foreigners in Italy

Trip/Camp Counselor

Most jobs available for foreigners in Italy are concerned with tourism. If you love working with teenagers, then a camp counselor job is a good fit for you. Your role here will be that of advising teenagers on cultures of other cities, countries and continents and helping them discover areas they might love to travel to.


Especially for English speaking foreigners, teaching is one of the most readily available jobs in Italy. There are organizations which offer ways to get certified and connect you to employees, thereby helping you secure jobs in the teaching field.

Nursing Professionals

This is one of the sectors that is always in need of workers, this is because there are lots of patients who need care and it is a good fit for people with a high level of compassion for others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Job Before Moving to Italy?

If you are a European Union citizen, you can move to Italy without first getting a job but if you are a Non-EU citizen, you will need to secure a job first before moving to Italy.

Can I work in Italy Without Knowing Italian?

It is advisable to learn the language before moving to Italy, because most citizens of the country are not fluent in English thus it will be hard to find jobs here unless in teaching fields where you can teach English or other top languages.


Moving to Italy is a great decision, but there are some perks to it. We have taken time to explain the things you need to do and the steps you need to take in order to get a job and move successfully to Italy.